Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hula Hoops (Rough Draft) for Beka

Below are two tracks from this rough draft of a compilation CD I made for my friend Beka. She is far away for now. I hope she is enjoying summer in the winter, and daytime napping.

fa Perca:

fa Perca by Murdhee

Entretenimiento Aural / Shew Veeha:

Entretenimiento Aural / Shew Veeha by Murdhee

If you like these songs, you can download the whole CD following the link below.

Hula Hoops (Rough Draft) for Beka:
  1. Quick
  2. belly
  3. Sunny Mitsubishi
  4. Good Morning Emily in the Ocean
  5. And Eye Nose
  6. Cruhideak Orchestra
  7. Ghost Wobble
  8. Nuh-Uh / Yuh-Huh
  9. Noic Omocol
  10. Tubajo fa Lubina
  11. fa Perca
  12. House Clubbe
  13. Entretenimiento Aural then Shew Veeha
  14. Spangled
  15. Exbard Parade March

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