Friday, September 10, 2010

Tennis Ball Meditation

I was on the train today, and had a good realization. I have a tennis ball in one of my stretchy side pockets on the bag I take to school. I have been keeping a tennis ball in there for a bit. I found it one day on the sidewalk and planned on making a present of it for Annie. Then I realized how new and clean it was, and how slobbery it would get as soon as Annie got a hold of it. Then I realized that I am always finding tennis balls and giving them to Annie, and there must be at least three hiding about in our house. Finding new tennis balls all the time is only perpetuating the habit of letting myself and Annie lose the ones she already had.

Anyways, I began twirling the tennis ball around in my left and right hands. I then realized how uncoordinated I am. I made it a goal to be able to twirl the tennis ball in both of my hands, so that it spins an equal amount in its rise, air, and return. I did this both ways on the train and found it to be an awesome way to zone out, and concentrate fully on something physically happening. I wonder what this does, and will do to my mind.


  1. Matt,

    viewing your blog here at the Siskel. It is making the popcorn smell fade into the background of my consciousness. ( that is a-good-thing )
    Can't wait to walk the labyrinth. If Peter fails at the paper bag mission, I have plenty here.
    see you soon

  2. Ah! Emily I didn't even know you had posted this comment. I regret procrastinating as long as I did with the labyrinth, but it is ok because I learned a lot about my negative motivations / intentions in not creating the labyrinth.

    Popcorn, to the back of the mind!