Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Otonyal Labyrinth

Yo! I am manifesting my first labyrinth. If all goes according to plan, meaning Peter brings home enough small brown paper bags, and I find a good deal on tea lights (saw some recently, 100 for $1.99), the labyrinth will be walkable on the Autumnal Equinox.

According to the U.S. Naval Observatory (via NWS), fall will arrive at 10:09 pm on Wednesday, September 22nd.

I'll be using what the Labyrinth Society refers to as the Classical 7-Circuit Labyrinth a.k.a. "The Cretan Labyrinth" as a model. While a maze is host to many paths, allowing the walker to make directional decisions, a pure labyrinth only involves one walkable path. The image above is more or less what I am trying to re-create.

I am most excited about the location where this is going to happen. My friend Dylan showed me one day a very unusual triangular roundabout, on a street that dead ends with the high and noisy 90/94. If you are wearing size 13 New Balance sneakers (Grey), then the dimensions of the triangle are:

Base: 70 Lengths
Side One: 48 Lengths
Side Two: 52 Lengths

The labyrinth, which in form is a circle, will then be contained within a triangle. The triangle exists within the Logan Square neighborhood. For the stretch of my imagination, I am enjoying visualizing a circle, within a triangle, within a square. This goes along with the Zen creation myth.

I have been to this triangular area maybe four times now, and I feel generally good about the area. I did my most invasive and destructive work so far today, pulling out most of the weeds, doing an initial litter sweep, and sweeping up small debris and plant remains. Below are two photos of the space, and one of the aromatic pile of weeds.

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