Friday, February 4, 2011


"In this way, language as the power of universals is given to us in order that we must transcend our environment, in order that we may have a world."

"Language thus becomes indispensable not only for the construction of the world of thought but also for the construction of the world of perception, both of which constitute the ultimate nexus of an intelligible communion, spiritual and moral, between all of us."

Frege's basic assumption: "mankind possesses a common treasure of thoughts which is transmitted from generation to generation"

People think, they do not have thoughts. "John has a thought" vs. "John has a diamond" vs. "John thinks"

"The point is that both "constitution" and "memory" are constructs -- culturally determined ways of looking at human beings, rather than scientifically determined ways of cutting nature at its joints. "Memory", which is our primary concern here, is not something that objectively exists -- a "thing", or a distinct and clearly determined aspect of human nature."

"We are going to determine that while we are still at the aphelion of our matter, for, when we arrive at the perihelion, the heat will be capable of making us forget it."

"Flesh composed of suns. How can such be? exclaim the simple ones."

Actual Memory vs. Imagined Memory:

What do you remember about your first ice-cream cone?

If you were your Mother or Father, watching you eat your first ice-cream cone, what would you remember?

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